Artificial Intelligence: How Do We Stay In Control?

Is Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Possible?… The Opacity Problem: The way in which AI systems work may be much more opaque than previous technologies. This could be for a number of reasons. It could be because the systems are compiled from different components that are themselves subject to proprietary protection. Or it could be because the systems themselves are creative and autonomous, thus rendering them more difficult to reverse engineer. Again, this poses problems for regulators as there is a lack of clarity concerning the problems that may be posed by such systems and how those problems can be addressed… The opacity problem is also serious and likely to be compounded by the growing use of (and need for) AI in regulatory decision-making – John Danaher, hplusmagazine

AI Is ‘Natural’ Advancement, Says Google Boss Eric Scmidt… Humanity should not be worried about the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, and instead look to embrace the technology as part of its natural progress, one of Google’s top executives has said… ” I understand the economic arguments, but this technology benefits everyone on the planet, from the rich to the poor, the educated to uneducated, high IQ to low IQ, every conceivable human being. It genuinely makes us all smarter, so this is a natural next step…  I can’t quantify our investment into AI, but it will eventually be embedded in everything,” Schmidt says. “It started small, with hundreds of people and now we have thousands. It’s a very significant investment.”  – Michael Moore, Tech Week Europe

How should we design appropriate human control into sophisticated AI that requires us to give up some of that very control? Is there some AI that we should just not develop if it means any loss of human control?… Answers to these questions will also require input from the right mix of humans and AI researchers… Organisations such as the Open Roboethics initiative and the Foundation for Responsible Robotics were founded on this understanding. They bring together some of the world’s leading ethicists, social scientists, policymakers and technologists to work towards meaningful and informed answers to uniquely human questions surrounding robotics and AI. The process of drafting ethics standards for robotics and AI will involve an interdisciplinary effort – Jason Millar, The Guardian

Elon Musk Calls For Regulation of ‘Demonic’ Artificial Intelligence… Not much scares intrepid entrepreneur Elon Musk — not outer space, exploding rockets, supersonic air travel or disappointing us with unfulfilled promises. Robots, on the other hand? Elon Musk does not like smart robots… Mr. Musk was asked if he had any thoughts on artificial intelligence. His response: the government needs to intervene before we all get ourselves killed. “I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish,” Mr. Musk said. It’s jarring to hear a Silicon Valley executive call for more restrictive legislation in order to directly stifle innovation. But Mr. Musk says that he believes AI is our “biggest existential threat,” – Jack Smith, Observer

AlphaGo’s clear victory against Lee Se-dol demonstrates just how far the development of Artificial Intelligence has come in recent years. How do we stay in control? It is clear that AI will be extraordinarily hard to regulate. Companies at the forefront of AI development, notably Google, should stop lecturing us on how AI is a ‘natural’ development and start leading the way in terms of creating codes of conduct for AI programmers. I think Elon Musk’s analogy of some avenues of artificial intelligence research being akin to ‘summoning the demon’ are very accurate. It will be no easy task to ensure AI is used to benefit humanity, but regulation on a global level is required. The responsibility for this should lie with the United Nations and AI researchers themselves but I fear they will not act until AI is responsible for a tragedy in the world first. – Crystal News


Image Credit: soumit

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