Trump University: Was It A Scam?

“Interviews and documents show that employees of Trump University at times applied pressure on students to offer favourable reviews… and ignored standard practices used to ensure that the surveys were filled out objectively. “It’s absolutely a con,” said Guillo, who spent $36,000 on Trump University classes and later requested a refund… John Brown tried to give his Trump University teacher a poor review — but said he was talked out of it by employees of the programme, who hounded him to raise his original scores. “Tired of the continuing phone calls,” he later testified, “I finally gave in.” His dismal marks changed to top scores, Brown said” – Michael Barbaro, The Times Of India

“Donald Trump is defending Trump University, saying that almost all of the students gave the school an “A.” Trump spoke about the university after coming under fire for it in political attack ads and a New York court ruling earlier this week that a case against the school by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman can continue. “I could have settled [the case] and probably still could very, very easily. But I don’t want to settle it because, look, the people that took the course, 98% of those people liked the school. We have report cards,” “I’m sued all the time and so is every other big business person,” Trump said. “This is why they say if you’re a successful person, you can’t run for political office” ” – Eugene Scott, CNN


“In his late 40s, Hanus felt adrift and needed a plan. That’s when he heard a radio ad announcing that experts handpicked by Donald Trump were coming to Oakland to teach the billionaire real-estate magnate’s best trade secrets. “I was very excited,” said Hanus… “I wanted to learn more.” But instead of making money in real estate, Hanus said, he drained his retirement savings of $13,000 at the urging of Trump University representatives and took a tax hit of nearly $5,000. What’s more, he said, the mentors who were supposed to guide students through the early stages of their new career wouldn’t return his calls” – Nanette Asimov, The San Francisco Chronicle

“Former student Tarla Makaeff [who filed a lawsuit against Trump University], enrolled in a three-day workshop for $1,495 called “Fast Track to Foreclosure Training.” She didn’t learn as much as she’d hoped — but Trump University instructors successfully pitched her on a more extensive training called the Trump Gold Program, with a price tag of $34,995. Like other Trump University students, Makaeff was encouraged to raise her credit limit so she could begin buying property, according to filings. Instead, she wound up using it to buy Trump University courses” – Kimberly Hefling, Politico

“It is extremely difficult to find an example of someone giving an overwhelmingly positive review of Trump University other than Donald Trump himself. The evidence is stacked against him: students being coerced into giving positive reviews, an extortionate pricing system… It all begs the question why did the other Republican candidates not use the university to expose Trump, as the fraud we now know him to be, earlier in the race. for the Republican nomination? Trump has floated the idea of re-starting the university at some later date; hopefully people will now know not to fall for this scam a second time round” – Crystal News

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