Image of fighter jet bombing air craft shelter in Libya

Should The West Bomb ISIS In Libya?

“I believe that now NATO and America in particular is planning all-out attacks against Libya under the pretext of rooting out Islamic State from certain areas. I believe now the Americans are trying to fix what they had broken in Libya, which is the security and stability, the establishment, the government…I don’t know why they are rushing towards Libya like that because they haven’t had any mandate from the UN to go to Libya and bomb as they like. The second thing is that neighboring countries of Libya like Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, all of them actually said clearly that they are against any American or Western intervention in Libya because such intervention will create more problems than they solve.  I think it is surprising and it could make the situation worse in Libya” – Abdel Bari Atwan, Russia Today

“A senior ISIS militant [Abdul Qadr al-Najdi] has said in an interview identifying him as the new leader of the militant group’s Libyan offshoot that the extremist organization is getting “stronger every day” in the north African country… Najdi described ISIS in Libya as “still young” but said it was making progress in imposing religious law in areas under its control, in line with its actions in Iraq and Syria. “The provinces of Libya have become the destination of the mujahideen and a sanctuary for the oppressed,” he said. “The numbers of immigrants multiplied from all areas despite the ardent attempts by the West to prevent their immigration.” Najdi said the Libyan province was “in constant communication” with central offices in Iraq and Syria” – Al Arabiya

“Five years after the NATO war in Libya, a new war is being prepared against the North African country behind the backs of the world population. Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, East Ukraine and Syria, Libya will once again become the arena for war and destruction if the Western powers get their way.. A new war in Libya has come dangerously closer… a proposal for a new “national unity government” in Libya was presented in the Moroccan seaside resort Skhirat under the watchful eye of U.N. representatives. [But] the aims of the U.N. in Libya have nothing to do with either the “restoration of world peace,” or the “war on terror,” but rather control of the country’s resources, above all oil and natural gas, as well as strategically important access to the entire African continent” – Marianne Arens, World Socialist Website

“Pentagon Has Plan to Cripple ISIS in Libya With Air Barrage… The Pentagon has presented the White House with the most detailed set of military options yet for attacking the growing Islamic State threat in Libya, including a range of potential airstrikes against training camps, command centers, munitions depots and other militant targets. Airstrikes against as many as 30 to 40 targets in four areas of the country would aim to deal a crippling blow to the Islamic State’s most dangerous affiliate outside of Iraq and Syria, and open the way for Western-backed Libyan militias to battle Islamic State fighters on the ground. Allied bombers would carry out additional airstrikes to support the militias on the ground” – Eric Schmitt, The New York Times

“There can be no doubt that there must be some sort of military intervention in Libya to combat the rise of ISIS. However Nato’s military intervention in 2011 was disastrous and the mistakes of this bombing campaign must never be repeated again. The fight against ISIS must be undertaken by a coalition of nations, including the West but most importantly lead by neighbouring Arab states. The role of western countries should principally be to provide training and resources for coaltition fighters; airstrikes should be used when requested for by the coalition. This is tactic that is showing some success currently in the fight against ISIS in Syria. The West must never again assume it alone knows best and enter conflicts in the Middle-East without agreement and support from a variety of other Arab nations” – Crystal News


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