Is Russia Spreading Refugee Propaganda To Topple Angela Merkel?

“[Russia] is establishing a network that can be controlled. You can use it as they have tried to do in Germany, combined with the legitimate issue of refugees, to undercut political processes in a very serious way. I think they test whether they can – in such a big country, with not so many vulnerabilities in normal times – actually create a circumstance through their influence where there is a change of top leadership. They are using Russian speakers, social media, trying to build on the existing faultlines. Use the far right narrative and exploit that. ” – Jānis Sārts, director of NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, The Observer

“German Secret Service copies CIA playbook: blame Putin… Deutsche Welle, Berlin’s (publicly-funded, just-like-RT, to-carry-German-POV-but-would-never-be-called-propaganda-by-western-media) foreign news broadcaster maintains that German government experts worry that Moscow has prepared “a systematic propaganda push reminiscent of Cold War KGB methods.” The irony here is that RT was set up as a news service, for the precise reason that Russia learned full well, from its Soviet past, that propaganda was not the way to make its voice heard” – Russia Today

“Russian propaganda is very well financed and has been effective, but it also makes a lot of mistakes… for example, it became obvious that Russia totally overplayed its hand in the well-known Lisa case in Germany. Lisa is the 13-year-old Russian German girl who went missing for 30 hours. When she returned home, she said she had been kidnapped and raped by several Arab-looking men, an inflammatory charge now at a time of massive immigration to Germany from Syria and the Middle East. The police and her parents dismissed that version. Had the case ended there, no one would have paid a lot of attention, but the Russian propaganda machine decided to use this case in the pursuit of its goal of exacerbating the European refugee crisis” – Borys Humeniuk, Cyprus Mail

“The Kremlin’s main target is Angela Merkel – the key architect of sanctions against Russia… The German government has accused Russian media of ‘biased reporting’ and leading a disinformation campaign on events in Ukraine and in Germany as well. There’s concern the Kremlin is trying to erode public trust in the government, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in particular, by using issues like migration.Relations between Russia and Germany soured after Moscow intervened in the alleged rape case of a 13-year-old German-Russian girl” – Ukraine Today

“These are insidious tactics devised by the Russian government to get regime change in Germany. They seek to punish the German government for imposing sanctions on Russia, for the annexation of Crimea, and could illustrate a desire for Russia to continue expanding westwards once Europe is sufficiently weakened. Angela Merkel’s refugee policy has brought chaos and conflict to Europe in a time when the continent needs to be united against a resurgent, imperialist Russia. She must admit her mistake on this issue and abandon her divisive policy in order to prevent Europe from splitting even further apart” – Crystal News Opinion

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