Why Is Hillary Clinton Winning The ‘Minority Vote’?

‘How Clinton won the black vote in South Carolina… Black voters around the state said they based their decision on several factors… which candidate had the most realistic agenda; and who was more likely to win in the general election. An assessment of Clinton and Sanders’ support for Obama in general, and the Affordable Care Act in particular, also factored heavily into the decision-making process, many black voters said. “Clinton is positioning herself to carry on the efforts of President Obama,” Cassandra Williams Rush, 66, said on the eve of the primary. “I just don’t get the right vibes from Sanders.” ‘- Daniel Bush, PBS News

‘Why Don’t Minorities Support Bernie?… When asked in an ABC News interview to explain the massive disparity in minority support between himself and Clinton, Sanders claimed that many minorities may not understand his history in the fight for civil rights and his political platform. While many detractors were quick to jump on Sanders for saying minorities didn’t understand something, it is clear that he did not mean this in a pejorative way. It seems Sanders was referencing more to a general lack of knowledge on Bernie Sanders and his political opinions’ – Akshay Jain, Tremr

‘Hillary Clinton is winning votes with vile race games… Clinton routinely tells blacks they are the victims of “systemic racism” and scolds whites for not demonstrating more “humility.” She falsely claims discrimination is causing the higher poverty and incarceration rates among blacks. There isn’t a shred of evidence to back up her claims — yet she gets a pass from the media…  Yes, there’s a wealth gap. Hillary blames it on racism instead of confronting the self-destructive choices young blacks are encouraged to make by a welfare system that subsidizes girls having babies before they finish their education or marry’- Betsy McCaughey, The New York Post

‘By winning over the black voters who rejected her in 2008, Hillary Clinton may clinch the Democratic nomination… At a time when the majority of white Americans believe America is declining, African Americans have a different view. And indeed, while whites’ relative standing in society may be declining, minorities’ material circumstances are improving… There was a pervasive sense that any bad blood with the Clintons was firmly in the past, and that voters saw Hillary Clinton as someone who understood their struggles’ – Molly Ball, The Atlantic

‘Hillary Clinton’s popularity with minority voters is due to a number of factors. She does undoubetdly target the ‘black’ community with her campaigns and some of these methods are questionable as they can rely on populist misconceptions rather than the facts. Logically one would expect Bernie Sanders to be outperforming her in this area yet he lags well behind… Hillary’s support for Obama and a lack of knowledge of Bernie Sanders campaign appear to be behind the enthusiam minority voters have for Hillary’s campaign’ – Crystal News Opinion

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