Should The French Authorities Have Demolished The Calais ‘Jungle’?

‘There’s nascent hope in the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp. So why destroy it?… A nascent justice system is being developed by the refugees. Representatives of the various communities in the camp attend meetings, which have grown up organically as a way to restore order, resulting in a noticeable reduction in crime. One volunteer who was mugged had her belongings quickly restored to her with the perpetrators publicly reprimanded’ – David Kraft, The Guardian

‘French mother claims police are barred from ‘Muslim only’ area of Jungle migrant camp as she says Calais residents are terrified of going out after dark… In an impassioned speech posted online, Simone Hericourt described how migrants had defaced a Charles de Gaulle statue, erected an ISIS flag, and attacked her son with a metal bar. This, including instances of theft and robbery, left her so terrified she was too scared to travel across town to visit the coast, where her late son’s ashes had been scattered’ – Corey Charlton, The Daily Mail

‘As Calais ‘Jungle’ is dismantled, concerns mount for refugee children… Minors, less adept at assessing risk, are vulnerable to alcohol and drug abuse, and exposed to the predations of traffickers for sex and other forms of slavery. That fear was given voice in a devastating assessment by Brian Donald, Europol’s chief of staff, who said in January that 10,000 refugee children had disappeared across Europe over the past two years’ – Caroline Brothers, Deutsche Welle

‘Critics say closing the camp may not solve the problem, saying that it would only exacerbate the crisis as the displaced people will be forced to to go back to sleeping in fields and smaller camps… “Such an enforced move would uproot again those who have already had to abandon their homes due to war and persecution. The eviction also threatens vital community facilities built and run by the residents and volunteers”‘ – Bamzi Banchiri, The Christian Science Monitor

‘The Calais Jungle should have been dismantled a long time ago… I sympathise with the residents who have had to endure the increase in crime the ‘Jungle’ has brought to Calais; a healthy, adult refugee in the ‘Jungle’ is hardly in a desperate situation having made it to mainland Europe. I do sympathise greatly with the plight of child refugees and Britain should contribute to the effort to provide accomodation and education for them’ – Crystal News Opinion

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